Money & Prosperity Attraction - Live In Abundance

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"Money & Prosperity Attraction - Live In Abundance" - the composition of binaural beats, subliminal messages, and morphic fields-programmed frequencies, designed to comprehensively program the subconscious mind to attract money & prosperity (and piece by piece, manifest through your everyday choices (conscious and subconscious)), promote personal growth, empower listener to reach higher vibrations and manifest living in wealth & prosperity through the law of attraction.

Subliminal messages (affirmations in two forms: 1st person, 2nd person / two tenses: present simple and present perfect + afformations) are mixed in an innovatory manner that allows the subconscious mind to absorb them effortlessly also by a person unsusceptible to subliminal messaging, and manifest desired changes rapidly.
Binaural beats will directly affect the mindset to prevent negative thought patterns and the formation of subconscious blockages.
Background frequencies will allow the listener to become affected by morphic field related to abundance and wealth.

For best results, listen to 3-5x daily on stereo headphones.

You may freely listen to it with the music of your choice. However, ensure it enables you to hear the binaural beats clearly playing in front.

"Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens."

  • 2 Files. Full composition in the highest audio quality format (WAV) + MP3

  • 2 Files. Full composition in the highest audio quality format (WAV) + MP3
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Money & Prosperity Attraction - Live In Abundance

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