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GHK-Cu - Healing Peptide (Stretch Marks & Scars Removal / Healthy & Strong Skin / Anti-Aging / Acne Prevention)

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GHK-Cu - Healing Peptide (Stretch Marks & Scars Removal / Healthy & Strong Skin / Anti-Aging / Acne Prevention)

Binaural Nutrition
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GHK-Cu - a human peptide renowned for its comprehensive protective and regenerative functions. Its remarkable tissue healing properties have been demonstrated for the skin, bone tissue, stomach, and liver. The peptide reveals its effects by greatly increasing collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) synthesis in skin fibroblasts. GHK-Cu finds the perfect appliance in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

GHK-Cu - is designed to trigger the release of the peptide from tissues and activate mechanisms correlated with its action both directly and indirectly, consequently reducing stretch marks and scars, improving skin condition, and preventing skin diseases. The composition has also been developed to act on two additional mechanisms - promote stem cell differentiation to dermal stem cells and induce a microneedling-like effect on the skin through the autonomous sensory meridian response, thus nourishing, strengthening, and promoting its regeneration.

Benefits of GHK-Cu:
- reduced appearance of stretch marks and scars (whitening & removal)
- accelerated skin regeneration
- improved skin elasticity and appearance
- improved blood flow
- inflammations prevention
- skin diseases prevention
- skin tightening & strengthening effect
- anti-aging effect
- bones, stomach & liver healing
- acne prevention and removal

For best results, listen to 2-4x daily on stereo headphones.

Technology used:
binaural beats, isochronic tones, morphic field-programmed frequencies, subliminal messages, ASMR sound, modified red noise

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